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Nuget Package Visualizer Extension for VS2015

Currently the Nuget Package Visualizer is not available in VS2015. (

We like to use this tool to get a good overview of our Nuget package dependencies. It can also be helpful when troubleshooting build issues, specifically with retrieving packages. Using Pascal’s code as a good base to start from (thanks!), I created a Nuget Package Visualizer…

How to Use the Log4Net StringMatchFilter

Log4Net is a very powerful, easy to use logging tool, so it’s no surprise that so many .NET developers use it in their applications. One under documented (at least in my opinion) feature of it, is the use of filters to be more specific about what you want your appenders to filter out.

Recently, in an application I was working on, we wanted to only log specific messages that had certain…

C# String extension method to escape characters for regular expressions (regex)

I needed a way to escape special regex characters in a string. These characters include the following: “.”, “$”, “^”, “{“, “[“, “(“, “|”, “)”, “*”, “+”, “?”, “\\” . This list was obtained from

Here is a small string extension method that will accomplish this:

Edit*- 1/24/13 – I didn’t realize there was a built in method in…

C# Select IEnumerable of matching elements including and excluding end points

I wanted to be able to select sequential elements from a list based on a specified predicate. I needed to be able to include or exclude the begin and end elements as well. Here is how I made use of Linqs skipWhile and takeWhile extensions to do this:
Selecting matching elements, including the start and end points:

Selecting matching elements, not including the start and end points:

I was…

Visual SVN Context Menu is Missing – Fix

I use VisualSVN at work and I love it! It saves clicks and times when developing with Visual Studio and SVN. Recently my SVN context menu seemingly went missing from Visual Studio, causing me a bunch of confusion. (Menu pictured below was not appearing when right clicking a file in my solution)


Fix: To see what your current VisualSVN repoistory url is, go to…

Copying IMAP Folders and Messages to a New Mail Server

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to move all your client’s IMAP folders and messages over to a new server, it might prove to be trickier than you think. At least for me it was. I must of been Googling the wrong thing, but I was not seeing many straight forward solutions to this issue unfortunately. I did see quite a few people recommend using Thunderbird, adding the two…

Backing up your mySql databases using MySqlDumper

I shouldn’t have to tell you that backups for your data is crucial, especially your mySql databases. They can power anything from your eCommerce store to your WordPress installation. There are numerous ways to automate this process, but I recently came across one that I really like. Introducing MySqlDumper, a free, web-based mySql backup utility written in PHP.
Installation and…

How to easily find darker and lighter shades of a hex color code

Quick post here for a utility I find myself using quite a bit: When doing web design you will inevitably come to a situation where you want to take a look at several different shades of a base hexadecimal color code. Say for example, you’re working on a clients site, and their company color is a specific shade of blue (#7847FF for example), and you want to get a darker shade of that exact blue.

Easily split up large .SQL files for import using SQL Dump Splitter

This is another little handy utility I’ve found myself using recently.

If you’ve ever worked with phpMyAdmin you know that it often times place a restriction on the .sql file size that you wish to upload (size depends on your hosting typically). This can be a burden when you want to import a particularly large database. That is when Sql Dump Splitter (new link edited) comes to t…

Handy Robots.txt Analysis Tool


This is going to be one of those “quick plug for a utility I like” posts, nothing too substantial.

If you’re like me and forget the syntax used for generating Robots.txt exclusions this is a handy website to use: , simply plugin a URL and it will tell you if it’s excluded or not per your Robots.txt file. So now you won’t wonder “Does Google think this…


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We've had a great experience working with Krueger Web Design. Prompt responses, great ideas, effective work... all at a reasonable price! This was the perfect fit for our organization.

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I would love to recommend you to anyone! You have been very helpful when we needed you the most.

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Working with Krueger Web Design was effortless. Communicating what I wanted for the website and the results that I saw were identical. The customer service was always prompt and I am completely satisfied with the product.

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