New Website Launch – Deadbolt Beacon Door Security Indicator

New Website Launch – Deadbolt Beacon Door Security Indicator

Deadbolt Beacon

I am proud to announce the launch of another new website. The Deadbolt Beacon Door Security Indicator. The Deadbolt Beacon is a nifty invention by Can-Do Innovations LLC.

Wondering what the Deadbolt Beacon is, and how it can help you?

I’ll grab some information right from the new website ( to help explain:

“Everyone can related with the fact that one time or another we have discovered that we left a door unlocked. It maybe the car door, garage door, or front door, it doesn’t matter, we’ve all done it.

“Did you remember to lock the front door?” I’ve been told that this is a very common question among couples lying in bed. So what happens?! One of you will have to get out of bed to make a lock check or you won’t be able to sleep. Correct?

So, I am excited to introduce you to a product that might help you remember if your door is locked.

The name if my product is called the Deadbolt Beacon Door Security Indicator. This is a LED product that can either show you when your door is locked or unlocked.

There are the three colors available of the Deadbolt Beacon product, Brass, Nickel, and Dark Bronze.

I have made this product so easy to install that anyone can do it. Installation takes less than a minute. Just simply move the switch on the top of the unit in the direction you require and pull off the self adhesive from the inside cavity. Then just firmly push onto your deadbolt handle.

There you go “Easy to see from a glance, Step Saving and peace of mind”

Helping you to prevent a crime of opportunity, Deadbolt Beacon Door Security Indicators.”

It was a pleasure working with Can-Do innovations and I wish them the best of luck with the Deadbolt Beacon. It is a very cool invention and I think it will help give people peace of mind for a low cost. Check out their new site and contact with any questions about the product.


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bob —

the website does notwork on mobile devices

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    Thank you for pointing that out Bob. That site is now under maintenance and control by another party, and I have let them know about the issue. Appreciate it!

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