Simple SQL Cursor Example

Simple SQL Cursor Example

If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you know how to write/use a SQL cursor. But this is more for my benefit, and maybe even yours. Just a quick cursor example, so that I can easily reference the syntax if I ever need to quickly look it up, since I always seem to forget it.  Enjoy.


--will need to declare at least one variable
--in this case, to store values when iterating through cursor
DECLARE SIMPLE_CURSOR CURSOR FOR SELECT ID FROM CONTACT OPEN SIMPLE_CURSOR FETCH NEXT FROM SIMPLE_CURSOR --Start the cursor INTO @CONTACTID WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 --while there is a loaded record, keep processing BEGIN --do whatever you need to do print ('This is where the magic happens! Do whatever you need to do (update/insert/delete/stored proc/etc.') FETCH NEXT FROM SIMPLE_CURSOR INTO @CONTACTID --fetch next record END CLOSE SIMPLE_CURSOR --close and deallocate DEALLOCATE SIMPLE_CURSOR

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Short and quick understandable explanation… 🙂

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mehrnoosh —

thanks,very good

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Shanaka —

i am not familiar with the sql CURSOR. can you just give a idea, why we are using this CURSOR option on sql.


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    Hi Shanaka,

    Cursors can be handy when you need to iterate over some data set of records, and perform an action for each record. For example if you want to update each row with some sort of calculation, etc.

    There are many ways to do this, but the SQL Cursor is one of them.

    Hope that helps

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W.Devonshire —

Many thanks, can never remember the cursor syntax 🙂


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cinafre —

I have multiple values in one cell in a table which are separated by an space from each other. this is how my table looks like, there is a space in between each string in every cell:

column1 column2
Data1 Data2 Related1 Related2

I want to have another table in which “Data1” and “Related1” are in one row, “Data2” and “Related2” are in another row, because they are related to each other:

column1 column2
Data1 Related1
Data2 Related2
How can I do that?

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Mritunjay kumar —

It is quick Understable example

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Sharad Patil —

Its Very useful code
Thank u!

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