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The words on your website are key players in defining the way you’re perceived online. Unfortunately, too many business owners try to save money by writing their own website copy, with less than stellar results.

My wife, Kim Krueger, happens to be a professional writer, and she has offered her services to my clients. Kim holds a degree in Journalism from UW-Madison and has been writing professionally for over 8 years, with vast experience in technical, marketing, web/blog, and magazine writing.

Here are some of the things Kim can help you with:

Professional site editing – $150-200

Kim will go through your existing copy with a fine-toothed comb. She’ll correct any grammar or spelling issues, rewrite sentences for optimal readability, and make changes to ensure that your copy is web-friendly and properly tailored to your audience.

Professional site copywriting – $300-500

Kim will write your site copy for you, from scratch, based on information found on your former website or notes you provide. This service includes some basic branding, since she’ll need to ensure that the tone and language of your messaging matches your brand and appropriately targets your audience. It also includes creative headline, tagline, and slogan writing.

Well-written copy typically informs the navigation and user experience of a website, so she’ll also work with me to make adjustments to the design of your new site to ensure perfect flow. And of course, the final copy will be error-free, web-friendly, and easy to read.

*If you are struggling to write your site copy yourself, or simply don’t have time to do it, I highly recommend investing in this option, at minimum.

Professional branding, messaging, and site copywriting – $450-650

This service includes everything in the site copywriting package, but with a much more in-depth branding process. Kim will work with you to discover what sets your business or organization apart and how you’d like to be perceived by the world, and then she’ll write copy that brings that brand to life.
With this service, you’ll also receive a brand guidebook that clearly outlines the results of the discovery process. With this book, you’ll feel confident describing your brand to anyone, which will help you connect with your business or organization on a deeper level. The book will also include specific instructions for the care and feeding of your brand as you move forward with your new site.

*If you’ve never done any kind of branding work on your own, or you don’t feel comfortable describing your “brand,” I highly recommend this option. It can bring incredible clarity to your business and help you be more competitive.

Email campaigns – $1500 for a 5 email campaign

Email or “drip” campaigns are a common marketing tool used to build relationships with potential customers. A drip campaign is a collection of emails that are automatically sent to readers on a set schedule. You can use the same 5 emails indefinitely—anytime a new person shows interest in your business or organization by entering their email address on your website, they’ll be funneled into the campaign and will receive the 5 emails per the schedule.

Kim’s fee includes helping you plan the campaign (identifying goals, choosing topics) and writing all 5 emails. You are responsible for using an email marketing service (such as mailchimp) to design and deliver the emails.


What My Clients Say

Karin - Hope and Future

Brent has always been very prompt and generally exceeds our expectations with his work. His maintenance fee is very reasonable. I strongly recommend him!  We get many compliments on our beautiful web site!


I contacted Krueger Web Design and Brent did everything.  He setup a test site with the changes so we could verify everything was correct before we transferred from my old hosting provider.  During the setup and conversion Brent was extremely professional and responsive. He responded to any issues the same day.

Dan Kaufman
Emily - GFCLT

We've had a great experience working with Krueger Web Design. Prompt responses, great ideas, effective work... all at a reasonable price! This was the perfect fit for our organization.

Mahmud - ACMC

I would love to recommend you to anyone! You have been very helpful when we needed you the most.

Brian - SEMNIC

Working with Krueger Web Design was effortless. Communicating what I wanted for the website and the results that I saw were identical. The customer service was always prompt and I am completely satisfied with the product.

Zach - Stadium Club

Exactly what I wanted! Fast turnaround time and very affordable. Answered all of our questions quickly and made adjustments promptly. Very easy to work with and puts everything into terminology that even I can understand!

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