Web hosting can be confusing. When you have an issue or a question, it can be several hours or even days before you can get an answer from a large hosting company. With cheaper, shared hosting, you are also sharing a server with thousands of other clients, meaning any one of those could potentially cause server issues or security concerns.

I host all of my sites in a private environment, where they are monitored 24×7 and periodically updated. This means you are only sharing the server with a few other clients, and don’t have to worry about constant downtime or constant updates.

When you host your website on my server, you are getting:

  • Two hours a month of free website updates. Need help adding another page, adjusting content, adding a slider, or a contact form? I can assist with any work you need, up to two hours a month, free, as part of my hosting service. ($120 value)

  • Fast environment, monitored 24×7 for downtime and other issues. If there is a problem, no need to wait on the line with a large hosting company. I already know about it and am addressing it.

  • Periodic WordPress updates, keeping your WordPress installation as up to date as possible. You don’t have to worry about updating your site. This is not something that “big box” hosts will do for you.

  • Periodic automatic backups. Your data is backed up to the cloud, ensuring that we have a copy of your site in case disaster strikes.

  • Performance tweaked environment, utilizing WordPress caching to ensure your site is loading as quickly as possible.

  • As many email accounts as you need, with webmail access and ability to check email via your phone.

Hosting in my private environment is $50/month (billed annually), and I believe it is well worth it, for the reasons listed above. There are several large hosting companies out there, which can host you for $5, $10, $15 a month, but you typically are going to get what you pay for. Especially with WordPress hosting, you don’t want to cut corners.

If you already have hosting, or are starting a new website from scratch, please contact me, to see if private hosting might be right for you. I’d also be happy to furnish references of other very happy hosting customers, upon request.