In my last SEO tips post, I talked about page descriptions. In this post I want to quickly touch on headings in your pages, and how they can be used in your SEO efforts.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about headings other than:

  • Use only one <H1> per page, and ideally for your page title near the top of your page.
  • It’s been said that <H2>,<H3><H4> do not have as much effect on SEO, but none the less they will not hurt. I like to use H2 for all sub-headings.
  • It is recommended to place keywords in your header tags when possible and relevant.
  • Remember, header tags help structure your content, and help readers and robots alike know what kind of content your page contains.

That’s all!

Next time I will be talking about using the Google Adwords keywords tool to help identify keywords and phrases that you should target.