Quick post here for a utility I find myself using quite a bit: When doing web design you will inevitably come to a situation where you want to take a look at several different shades of a base hexadecimal color code. Say, for example, you’re working on a client’s site, and their company color is a specific shade of blue (#7847FF for example), and you want to get a darker shade of that exact blue. Colllor.com is a very useful website that will help you accomplish just that. Visit Colllor.com and plug in your hex color code, you will then be presented with a list of a bunch of darker and lighter shades of that same color. You can also view other tones and palettes revolving around that same hex color. Clicking on a new color will automatically copy the new hex code to your clipboard.

I should mention that there are several other sites that will perform this for you, but I’ve had success using colllor.com in the past, and it’s served my needs well, so I stick with it.

Hopefully, you can get some use of this handy website. Thanks to colllor.com!