I use VisualSVN at work and I love it! It saves clicks and times when developing with Visual Studio and SVN. Recently my SVN context menu seemingly went missing from Visual Studio, causing me a bunch of confusion. (Menu pictured below was not appearing when right clicking a file in my solution)

svn context menu


Fix: To see what your current VisualSVN repoistory url is, go to Tools>Customize>Check VisualSVN Toolbar, and make sure that the repository URL matches what you expect. Mine had been updated to incorrect URL and was causing all sorts of “issues” with VisualSVN. I had reinstalled VisualSVN, re-checked out my trunk, etc, you name it. The issue was right under my nose all along. So if you ever find yourself missing VisualSVN context menus, your first step should be to make sure VisualSVN has the right repository URL set. Use VisualSVN>Set Working Copy Root if needed, to update to the correct repo URL. Avoid the same mistakes I made :)