I’m starting to think that Swashbuckle and Swagger UI should be mandatory on all Web API applications going forward. I love this framework so much right now, so I wanted to make a very brief blog post about it. It’s saved me so much time and throw away code.

Recently I was working on a small .Net Core Web API project, and wanted a way to easily test out all the methods, without having to scaffold out a bunch of dummy code for invoking them. This is exactly what Swashbuckle and Swagger UI can accomplish! With a quick Nuget package added, and minimal code added to my Startup.cs, I now had a full UI generated to test out all of my Web API methods. Including the ability to easily edit my domain objects JSON, for sending back to my controllers. No need to create any dummy forms, or generate my own JSON for my objects. Swagger helps you compose all your requests with the correct verbs and parameters, very easily.

I will most likely use this on every one of my Web API projects going forward. I highly recommend it!