July 24, 2012

MVC Controller Best Practices

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Here are a few basic best practice guidelines to keep in mind when writing your controllers using the MVC pattern with ASP.NET MVC. Keep controllers "skinny, keep action methods small Your controller actions should be kept as small as possible, with business logic living in your models.  "Fat Model, Skinny Controller" is the motto. Here is [...]

June 26, 2012

MVC Model Binding Not Working with Fields

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This will be a very quick/simple post. Maybe this is very clear to most people when they start out developing with ASP.NET MVC but it was not right away with me... When you are using 2-way model binding in MVC to bind your model to your view and back again, you MUST use properties with getters/setters, [...]

February 12, 2012

A quick review of nopCommerce, a great ecommerce shopping cart built using MVC

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  I recently had a client who wanted to setup an online store, they had several hundred products to list, and wanted to have something up as quickly as possible. I had read quite a lot of good reviews about nopCommerce, an open source .NET shopping cart product built with MVC. I decided to give it [...]

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